Key Stage 2 Workshops

My Key Stage 2 educational workshops include:

▪️Assembly - this includes live demonstrations of a comprehensive selection of brass instruments in a wide variety of styles and genres of music, playing along to backing tracks where appropriate to show how the sounds of different instruments blend. Hosepipe instruments are utilised to demonstrate how the length/size of the instrument affects pitch and timbre. Instruments made from vegetables and household items are also demonstrated

▪️Workshop 1 - an introduction to brass playing, involving work on posture, breathing, embouchure and sound production. Multiple elements of music are also covered, such as pitch, dynamics, melody, harmony, texture, tone colour and rhythm. Children are encouraged to listen to what is happening around them, incorporating imitation and improvisation through musical games and exercises. Ensemble playing is encouraged, covering discipline and respect for others as the children work as a team

▪️Workshop 2 - recap of W1, then moves on to working on the piece which has been selected for the performance. Everything learnt in W1 is now put into practice. Differentiation is incorporated where appropriate to ensure all children are working to a suitable level

▪️Parents’ assembly - prior to the performance, the parents are given an overview of what the children have been working on, with an appropriate level of demonstration of the various instruments

▪️Performance - the day concludes with a performance by the children of the chosen piece of music




Workshop Enquiry

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